Conform with ISO and other standards

Wigo ship windows and portholes are designed, calculated and produced in accordance
with current ISO standards.

  • ISO 3903
  • ISO 1751
  • ISO 11336
  • ISO 614
  • EN 356, class P3A

Testing and Class-approval

We can have ship windows, portholes and yacht windows inspected and tested under various class agencies with 3.1 or 3.2 certified material in aluminium, steel and stainless steel.

  • LR Lloyd's Register
  • BV Bureau Veritas
  • ABS American Bureau of Shipping
  • RINA Rigistro Italiano Navale
  • DNV Det Norske Veritas


We can facilitate various tests in our own company, or if necessary elsewhere. We test under the supervision of classification societies.

Pressure test (ISO 3903)
Punch test (ISO614)
Ball-drop (EN 356)
Pendulum test (EN 12600)
Bulletproof BR6-NS (EN 1063) Wigo Protect 57-NS

We produce our ship windows and portholes from profiles or cut from the plate in
aluminum, steel and stainless steel with 3.1 certificate.

If necessary, the material is tested under the supervision of a classification society at
MME and upgraded to 3.2.

Fire retardant shipwindows class:
A0 / A30 / A60

 All our fire-retardant ship windows class A0, A30 and A60 are certified according to Lloyds Register, MED.

The windows have been completely tested with fire-retardant glass, special fire-retardant rubber and frame in accordance with:
IMO resolution A754(18)

The certificates are reviewed annually and extended if necessary by the notified body.
The glass frames are provided with a 'sign of conformity' (wheelmark). This way
the certification can be guaranteed on board.
The correct A0 / A30 / A60 glass stamp is also placed in the glass.

Please ask us what the possibilities are.